Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Reviewed by Simon Oakland

Can anybody out there tell me what the hell this DVD is supposed to be about? Because I have almost zero frame of reference in which to judge it. There's a fairly lengthy introduction that apparently would explain all of the footage that follows to any newcomers... Unfortunately, it's utterly and inexplicably devoid of audio! So what we have here is a bunch of random footage with zero context filmed full frame with either Digital 8 or VHS Video cameras which is then framed like a portrait in the middle of a larger widescreen image. From what I can surmise, the "Nuns" are some sort of burlesque goth troupe that performs onstage whippings to some pretty generic techno/industrial music. On the surface it may sound like it could be interesting but from what I can see it's pretty tedious. S&M has never been so boring!

I assume this is meant for their fans, and clearly I am not within their target audience. Not that I am devoid of respect for goth culture (I've listened to my fair share of The Cure, Bauhaus, Skinny Puppy, and Joy Division in my day) but, come on, this is pretty ridiculous. If you're a fan of The Nuns, or a die hard fan of Goth culture in general and can stand to watch some lo-fi bootleg quality footage, then maybe you'll want to check it out. Otherwise, steer as far away from this as possible.

Redemption Films

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