Sunday, January 18, 2009

MOONLIGHT: The Complete Series (2007) created by Ron Koslow & Trevor Munson

Reviewed by Morbia and Dementia

Part 1 – Morbia’s Take

This is an excellent series! I think that the best part, for me, is the mythological accuracy. Of course, there are many different aspects to the vampire myth, but given that this is a modern tale set in sunny L. A. they've really made the whole thing very believable.

The scenes are, for the most part, beautifully shot and the story lines are consistently compelling. At times the relationships between characters can be frustrating and even annoying (lots of yelling at the tv!), but such is human nature, so more points for accuracy. Also, the casting is superb! There's no over acting from the main characters and Alex O'Loughlin was the perfect choice to play the lead. He's just the right amount of brooding, sexy and even humorous.

I also appreciated the vampire makeup. I know it may seem trivial, but given past experience with vampires on screen I enjoyed the fact that they made the decision to not go into "gross" territory. It's much less distracting to be subtle about their appearance. Going along with that is the fact they just sort of gloss over a lot of the "vampire" aspects of the characters, such as rapid healing. Once something is explained they don't waste time going back over it again and again, pointing it out each time. Overall, I was very pleased with the series.

As for the packaging, it's among the best I've ever seen. While it could definitely do with some extras, Warner Home Video has managed to fit all four discs into one regular size DVD case. The information on the case and inserts is sufficient and has a nice clean look. In the end, it is such a pleasure to watch and enjoy another interesting addition to vampire lore in the form of a 16 episode television series, one that I know I will enjoy returning to again someday.

Part 2 – Dementia’s Take

Dementia here, reporting from Room 666 in Hellview Hospital. I recently watched Season 1 of MOONLIGHT coming soon on DVD. Let’s face it, I’ll take vampires any way I can get them but I am genuinely impressed with this effort. Starring Shannyn Sossamon, Alex O’Laughlin and Sophia Myles as his mortal love interest, I wouldn’t miss it. It’s a quality television show with great acting where the main characters really shine (and it’s not just their luminescent undead skin). Irony aside, the vamps have very human emotions and feelings whether likable or not. There are a good variety of them too. I really hate it when all vamps are portrayed as this “Goth” stereotype. I like moody, brooding hotties as much as the next girl, but who says as soon as you’ve turned, you belong to this “angsty” club? The actors are at ease and comfortable in their roles. I enjoyed the interaction between the bloodsuckers and their lively counterparts (especially the romance, of course!). Overall, the show is consistently interesting and well-paced. The way that vampires are depicted is refreshing. At times, especially in the first few episodes, one gets nervous that the show might delve into trite territory, but they surprise yet again with a sense of humor!

The DVD itself is a pretty package. With an internal set-up I’ve never seen that allows all four discs to fit into a normal-sized DVD case, this one really hits the mark. There are some nice screenshots inside the liner notes to pique the interest of first-time viewers. A great feature on the discs themselves is the ability to turn the previous episodes’ recap on and off.

I would definitely recommend this show for sci-fi or regular drama fans alike. In fact this could bridge the gap for some viewers, welcome them to the coven, so to speak, of supernatural television. While it’s not a classic yet, I am anxiously awaiting Season 2 with remote in hand and a bare neck!

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Richard said...

I found MOONLIGHT to be a great surprise. It was far more appealingly cast than the average TV Show today. Alex O'Loughlin was handsome and debonair without being lofty and unapproachable. Sophia Myles was stunning, sexy and smart, adding a layer of charm to the show that was undeniable.

I was also surprised by how colorful the cityscapes, landscapes and even sets and props were. The fine establishing camerawork added an atmospheric quality without aping the "broody" gothic-vampire look that has been horribly overdone. There was a nice mix of attractive urban imagery and sumptuous interior sets that kept the eye moving.

The stories were also compelling and kept my attention, which is the highest praise I can give, for most modern TV bores me to death or I find miserably crass and base. This show had a degree of sophistication and class without it being overdone to such a degree that a caricature was created.

While not all was perfect with MOONLIGHT, it is worth the time of people who like an enjoyable blend of drama, horror and stylish sexiness.