Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Complete First Season (2006)
Created by Jeff Lieberman

Reviewed by Tracy Hook

"'Til Death Do Us Part" also known in the UK as "Love You to Death" is a television series based on court cases of spouses murdering each other. Sounds pretty sick, huh? Who would want to watch that? Well, 50% of marriages don't last in the US and the UK, so probably a lot of people would. This series is a little more than tales of murder and carnage on supposed loved ones, it has a wonderful storyteller to host these programs: John Waters.

John Waters adds a touch of class and a touch of camp to the series. He's a lot like the Crypt Keeper from "Tales from the Crypt". The difference is John Waters wears a nice suit, but he is just as gaunt. Mr. Waters really makes the show, if it wasn't for him the series would be just ike any other "Caroline in the City" episode: completely unmemorable.

Each show opens with the beginning of each marriage with the couple's wedding. We view how things can go downhill from there. But some of the wedding dresses are so bad it's no wonder things went the way they did. Most of these dresses are a satin nightmare that probably took twelve sweatshop workers to construct. The material alone could clothe all of them too, but who would wear a white satin pair of shorts and a T-shirt?

I digress. . . The show is a warning in my opinion-"BE CAREFUL WHO YOU MARRY!" And if your spouse says "I got something that will end this fight once and for all", you better jump behind something bulletproof like your portable dishwasher. In a pinch the couch will do, but it may not stop all those bullets. If you've seen what a bullet can do to a can of cheap soda like I have, you'd be running. That Adirondack grape was completely ripped apart. It took a whole bottle of Formula 409 to clean the rifle range of that sticky purple stuff. But that's another story and I think I just told it.

I recommend this series simply for the fact that John Waters can do no wrong in my opinion. (Have you seen Pink Flamingos and Female Troubles? They're brillant!) He's a film icon now, especially when Broadway and Hollywood are making musicals of his past films. (Can you believe Travolta played Divine's part in "Hairspray"? Very bizarre!) That's what John Waters brings to anything he does. He adds a touch of the bizarre and some class, but that's probably due to to him wearing those great suits and the mustache. Definitely the Salvadore Dali mustache.

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